Bluesound is an award-winning wireless, high-resolution multi-room music system designed to fill an entire home with high fidelity sound.
Bluesound Home Theatre lifestyle setup
Save on Bluesound Home Theater
Take your home entertainment experience to the next level with the critically acclaimed POWERNODE 2i. With the release of BluOS 3.8, users can now use the POWERNODE as part of their wireless BluOS home theater setup to play true Dolby Digital® surround sound. Already merging various traditional hifi components into one state-of-the-art unit, the POWERNODE is the ultimate streaming amplifier.

In just a few simple steps, BluOS users can operate their POWERNODE as part of a Home Theater Fixed Group. Although only the POWERNODE 2i with HDMI can be used as the front left and right channels, all previous generations of the POWERNODE can be used to power the rear surround left and right channels.

Learn how to add the POWERNODE to your Home Theater Group here

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About Bluesound

The Bluesound ecosystem uses your home wireless network not just to stream music in high-resolution, but also to communicate with other BluOS-enabled players on your network. The ecosystem can connect up to 64 players and through the BluOS Controller App for your smart device, you can play your music in perfect sync, or play different music simultaneously.

Save $100 on the NODE 2i

Limited-time Offer – October 1-31, 2020
Connect your existing stereo system to a world of streaming with access to all the music ever recorded in high-fidelity.
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